Paving & Sealcoating

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance


Pave-it is a A+ accredited BBB Asphalt Maintenance Contractor that will provide you with a Parking Lot Estimate promptly. We have sealed, repaired, paved and striped many commercial Parking Lots over our long course of work. Some of our more known Customers are Riverbend Music Center, Greater Cincinnati Airport, Skyline Chilli, Midas, Serta Mattress, Church Parking Lot etc. 

We have the newest Laser tech Striping machines for a beautiful finished Lot. Our Sealer includes all the chemical additives to ensure a quick drying time and to prevent tracking in high traffic areas. 

We schedule the work tailored to your business hours and work on weekends. 

The following pictures show you some examples of our previous work.

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